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We have a kinhouse!

Nessida / Oct 19, 2016
Ladies and gentlemen,

We have a kinhouse!
I did not expect to be able to buy one untill thursday, but was pleasantly surprised yesterday that our kin moved up to rank 7!

I bought 8 Long Street in Ruthton, Bree-land, for us.
Everybody who is in the kinship should have a new travel skill now that will bring you to the kinhouse.

Decorating rights are open to the whole kin, so have fun! Keep in mind, if you put furniture in there, other people can use or move it.

Oh, and if you look upstairs, I started with our treasure chamber! If you have suggestions on for example fitting wallpieces, ceiling stuff etc. let me know. Enjoy the crunch of coins underneath your feet. Gosh, the Draigoch furnace would look só nice in there... sigh...

I'll try and add some wallpaper and flooring in the kinhouse tonight.


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